Science to me seems to be subsumed by art. It is done for its own sake, out of an unjustifiable cause in service to some kind of aesthetic beauty. It is something one embarks on without hope of success; it is attempting to compute Solomonoff inference, where one knows beforehand that it is both uncomputable and ideal.

with others

substack startup

a writing company

fin startup

a human / computer hybrid virtual assistant

venmo startup

a payments company where i made many important friends

mit iap seminar

a yearly seminar my friend Kortina and I host at MIT. small rountable discussions on intelligence, sociology, meaning, work, art, and dignity under the theme of computationalism.
syllabus: 2018 | 2019 | 2020

civilization noir film essay

film noir as folklore for the failures of the enlightenment & industrial revolution

the machine also gazes back talk

prepared for RadicalxChange. ulysses ties himself to the mast

oakland film club hangout / blog

watching movies and writing responses in oakland, california

filmbot web scraper

what's playing this week at independent theaters in NYC and the Bay Area

vyvn public service

bringing people together through music, art, and good company

self explorations

~music, eternal~ art / tech project

an attempt to serve an aesthetic that I appreciate, over a medium which I feel is appropriate for its expression. (computationalism)

dreaming of me procedural graphics

various renderings of a mind dreaming of its mind

poems from a transformer deep learning

selected poems generated by a language model transformer trained on poems that i like

cellauto art / tech project

a framework for describing and running cellular automata

tf-hyperbolic toolset

hyperbolic geometry is especially well suited for embedding hierarchical information. support tools for hyperbolic computation in TensorFlow

action potential art / tech project

interactive art installation for a vyvn party. uses kinect depth sensors / skeletal mappings to interpret social dance

intellibeat ai project

intellij plugin that outputs neural net piano midi as you code

genetic tech project

a small framework for describing and running genetic algorithms